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6 Cavity SB9600 3rd Generation System

  • Mar 01 / 2017
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6 Cavity SB9600 3rd Generation System

Technical Description
This is a new generation blowing machine, which can reduce the usage cost and accelerate the speed for your factory.stretch-blow-equipThis new generation blowing machine increases the capacity (4 cavity 7200 bottles per hour) and reduces the power consumption. Compared with the traditional blowing machine (in which the preform is moved step by step), this system has the preform continuously running around the heating oven, this will make sure that each preform is heated more evenly, and reduce the reject ratio of finished products.
More importantly there is a more reliable structure because it breaks through the traditional design idea for the blow molding part, it adopts the mechanical cam control to integrate the 4 movements into 1 movement. The equipment operates fully on servo motors electrical control. There is no need for low pressure air from the compressor, which greatly simplify the machine movement and reduce the production failure rate.
stretch-frameBecause of our experience in stretch blowing, we have created a smart system that will know the end user’s demands best. Thanks to our working experience in this industry, we have collected feedback from hundreds of end users, this helps us to solve problems before they happen. We have turned the complains into the smart design. For example, there are position fix grooves on the frame to make the installation very quick and efficient. If the position is not right, it can not be assembled, there is no need take time to measure, the quick changing bottle mold only needs 30 minutes or less to change.
Materials are important for the performance of our equipment. This is why we have adopted the aluminum alloy material. There is less friction, it is more clean, and the frame uses double the thickness of other manufacturers to allow it to have longer and better service performance.


Magnetic valve

Servo system
Frequency inverter
Touch screen
Blowing valve
One-way valve

Throttle valve
Reducing valve  logo-duray


Main Parameters
Cavity number 6
Capacity  9600BPH(500ml)
Bottle specification Applicable product: PET bottle
Applicable bottle volume: 250ml-2000ml
Applicable bottle neck diameter:28-30mm
Electricity specification Installation power: 51 kw
Operating power: 25kw
Machine Specification Machine dimension: L4300xW1000xH2300mm
Machine weight: 4000Kg


Unit 2. Bottle Mold
Technical Description

  1. Overall structure, quick & convenient for mold changing.
    Change over only needs 30 minutes.
  2. High process precision enables small bottles to be produced.
  3. It uses excellent aluminum alloy building material, which has fast heat dissipation, and better bottle cooling effect. It is light weight easy to install and uninstall.
  4. The surface material has a protective layer that gives it a much longer service life.


Unit 3. Air Compressor System
 Our air compressor system will make sure there will be sufficient and clean air supplied to the blowing equipment. The blowing machine is driven by the electrical servo motor, so there is no need for a low pressure air compressor. We improved the air supply structure which makes better use of the high pressure air. This 7200BPH blowing machine only needs 435psi.


Technical Description
compressorThis air compressor design always supplies the sufficient air capacity and pressure, to the machine key part that move frequently giving it good performance.
Considering the safety and automation, this air compressor equips safety valves and automatic pressure and sewage exhaust valves, so even unskilled operators can handle it after basic training.
Moreover, there will be air filters & dryers equipped to make sure the outlet air will be up to sanitary grade, without dust, water, oil and bad smells, there will be no second pollution on the preforms. The 3 set air filters, oil separator and dryer will be connected already in a mounted unit, quite convenient for the transportation and site installation.
Besides the compressor we equip the system with a storage tank which is one square meter in volume. This tank works as a buffer so the air compressor doesn’t have to be on all the time.
In short, this air compressor system will be the perfect companion for your stretch blowing equipment.


Main Parameters
Air capacity 8.0m3
Air pressure 30bar/435psi
Outlet HP air temperature 10-30℃
Outlet HP air filter precision Up to 0.001ppm
Air compressor power 88kw
Air compressor motor speed 670r.p.m
Air compressor dimension L2150*W1200*H1160mm
Air compressor weight 1600kg
Air tank volume 2.0m3
Air tank max pressure 30Bar
Height 2804mm
Diameter 1100mm


Unit 4. Water Chiller
Water Chiller for Heating Oven Water Chiller for Mold
chiller-heat chiller-mold
Main Parameters
Model:YD-LF3A Model:YD-LF6A
Compressor Power: 3HP Compressor Power: 6HP
Water pump power:0.37kw Water pump power:0.75kw
Configuration: Finned cooler Configuration: Finned cooler



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