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Automatic Stretch Blow Molding Machine JND-E series

  • Dec 30 / 2014
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Automatic Stretch Blow Molding Machine JND-E series




Automatic bottle blowing machine is mainly used for PET and PP plastic bottles. This machine is very economic combined with many years of experience on the blowing machine.  The optimized design and patented preform heating system reduces the area and energy consumption, meanwhile, this series blow molding machine equipped with advanced international pressure compensating device to ensure that the final quality of the plastic bottle. E series automatic blow molding machines with low investment, high efficiency, have good compatibility for different specifications of bottles.

Technical Parameters

Model JND-E1000 JND-E2000 JND-E3000 JND-E4000 JND-E6000
Clamping Force 150KN 180KN 250KN 370KN 5650KN
Clamping Stroke 80-120mm 80-120mm 80-120mm 80-120mm 80-120mm
Max. Stretching Stroke 370mm 370mm 370mm 370mm 370mm
Bottom Moving Stroke 70mm 70mm 70mm 70mm 70mm
Number of Cavities 1 Cavity 2 Cavity 3 Cavity 4 Cavity 6 Cavity
Theoretical Output 1,300BPH 2,500BPH 3,200BPH 4,000BPH 5,500BPH
Theoretical Output 250mm 250mm 250mm 250mm 250mm
Max. Mold Thickness 300mm 300mm 300mm 300mm 300mm
Low Air Compressor 8-10 Bar  8-10 Bar 8-10 Bar  8-10 Bar  8-10 Bar
Total Power 20KW 28KW 28KW 28KW 60KW
Voltage Standard 380v/3PH/50Hz or special order
Max. Container Volume 2.5L 2.5L 2.5L 2.5L  2.5L
High Air Compressor 30-40 Bar 30-40 Bar 30-40 Bar 30-40 Bar 30-40 Bar
Low Air Compressor 10 Bar 10 Bar 10 Bar 10 Bar 10 Bar
Blow Molding Machine 180x150x180cm 210x150x180cm 220x150x180cm 250x150x180cm 360x200x180cm
Preform Autoloader 100x80x200cm 110x90x220cm 110x120x220cm 110x120x220cm 110x120x220cm
Net Weight 1.8 Ton 2.0 Ton 2.5 Ton 3.5 Ton 4.0 Ton



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