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Brackish Water and Seawater Desalination Systems

  • Dec 30 / 2014
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Brackish Water and Seawater Desalination Systems



  1. Intelligent design, uses PLC automatic control system which can pre-set the time to start up and shut down.
  2. Small size, lightweight, compact, and beautiful design.
  3. Simple operation, convenient utilization and commissioning one-click operation to start up and shut down.
  4. World’s most advanced energy recycle device and control technology enables the equipment to maintain the world leading level in overall performance, mute, energy consumption and costs.
  5. System design can be optimized according to customer’s current space and water production demand.
  6. Successful application of modular system: integration of space application and rationality of technology.
  7. Provision of turnkey projects from design, production, to on-site installation and commissioning.
  8. Equipped with central monitoring automatic control system with mature and high-intelligent human-machine conversation functions.
  9. Land equipment can be equipped with high=efficiency energy recycle device to achieve the energy conservation and consumption reduction.

Technical Parameters

Model Output Capacity (m3/h) Output Pressure (Mpa) Voltage (V) Electric Consumption (Kwh/T) Dimension (mm) Remark
JND-SW1 0.05 4-6.5 380V/50Hz 15 580x440x1,600 Vertical
JND-SW2 0.1 4-6.5 380V/50Hz 11 580x440x1,600 Vertical
JND-SW3 0.15 4-6.5 380V/50Hz 8 580x440x1,600 Vertical
JND-SW5 0.25 4-6.5 380V/50Hz 7.8 650x440x1,600 Vertical
JND-SW10 0.5 4-6.5 380V/50Hz 7.5 800x600x1,700 Vertical
JND-SW20 1.0 4-6.5 380V/50Hz 7 2,500x700x1,200 Horizontal
JND-SW50 2.5 4-6.5 380V/50Hz 6 2,500×1,200×1,800 Horizontal
JND-SW100 5.0 4-6.5 380V/50Hz 4 3,400×1,500×1,800 Horizontal
JND-SW200 10.0 4-6.5 380V/50Hz 3.5 3,400×2,000×1,800 Horizontal
JND-SW500 25.0 4-6.5 380V/50Hz 3 7,500×2,500×1,800 Horizontal



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