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Glass Washing Filling Capping 3 in 1 monoblock

  • Dec 24 / 2014
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Glass Washing Filling Capping 3 in 1 monoblock




This series of products applies for national “secondary vacuum and high pressures shock bubble” technique to minimize the oxygen content of the beer, greatly enhancing the taste of the beer.  Precise pressure control and automatic detection of glass bottles will guarantee the quality of beer, and other beverages to be filled. The equipment is an aseptic filling machine with German technology, combined with the characteristics of beer production industry design and development. This machine has excellent performance, perfect washing, filling, capping, sterilization and other functions that help it achieve sterile beer poured in a sterile environment. The different options on equipment  produces from 2,000 to 20,000  bottles per hour,.

Technical Parameters

Model BGF 18186
Production Capacity(b/h) 3,000-5,000
Heads of washing/filling/capping 18-18-6
Bottle Height (mm) 160-340
Bottle Diameter (mm) F50-F100
Flushing Water Pressure (Mpa)  0.25-0.3
Filling Way Isobaric Filling and Secondary vacuum
Filling Temperature (°C) 0-5
Filling Pressure (Mpa) .15-.05
Main Motor Power (kw) 3
Total Power (kw) 3.18
Overall Dimension (mm) 3,010×2,010×3,260
Weight (kg) 3,800



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