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Ink Jet Printer Coder

  • Dec 15 / 2014
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Ink Jet Printer Coder





Housed in robust stainless steel frames. Compactly designed print-head can print on a variety of substrates of different shapes.


  1. American made MICROPUMP inkjet printer dedicated gear pump.
  2. Real-time viscosity detection, real-time online control of ink density to ensure print quality.
  3. All stainless steel IP54 protection grade case.
  4. One key intelligent automatic cleaning function.
  5. Multi-tasking operating system, single bond adjustment for size, printing information and other parameters.
  6. All parameters are set by digital regulator without any manual knob.
  7. Unique swivel nozzle design, designed to minimize the installation space.
  8. Ultra quiet long operating life, work noiseless than office inkjet printer.

Technical Parameters

Model JND-PM1110 JND-PMA600
Ambient Temperature 5-45°C  600B0-40°C
Humidity 30-95% (no condensing) 10-80% (no condensing)
Length of print-head conduit 3.5M 3.5M
Power Supply AC220V 50/60Hz AC110V/230V 50/60Hz
Dimension (LxWxH) 278x234x535 300x450x674



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