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High Speed Shrink-Wrapping System

  • Dec 18 / 2014
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High Speed Shrink-Wrapping System


  1. It is specially designed for high speed packing bottle drinks (pure water, fruit juice, milk and so on).
  2. The production adopts automatic and continuous processing, which saves time and improves efficiency.
  3. PLC controller is used to ensure a high degree of automation.
  4. Constant temperature cutting blades are used with teflon surfaces to make the cutting section tidy and firm.
  5. Touch screen is used to ensure easy operation.
  6. No bottom plate packing is used, which is suitable for bottles of different diameters and groups.
  7. It is the best choice for middle speed pyrocondensation packing in domestic markets.
  8. Easy operation and maintenance.

Technical Parameters

Item NO. JND-L-350
External Dimension LxWxH(mm) 14,000×1,100×2,100
Main Machine LxWxH(mm) 3,200×1,000×2,100
Thermo-wind Stove LxWxH(mm) 4,000×1,000×1,840
Conveyor LxWxH(mm) 4,800×1,080×920
Total Weight (t) 2.5
Thermal Shrinkage passage dimension LxWxH(mm) 2,400x680x450
Max. Packing Size LxWxH(mm) 600x400x350
Packing Speed (pkg/min) 15-20
Conveyor Speed 920 (+/-100)
Working Power
Working Pressure (mpa) 0.6-0.8
Total Power (kw) 36



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